Seltima® CS

Seltima® CS is an innovative formulation fungicide that works systemically, protectively and curatively in the form of white microcapsules in suspended concentrates to control disease in paddy.

Registered crop: Rice

Seltima® CS


  • Effectively controls the attack of leaf blasts
  • Plants are more resistant to heat and dry stress
  • Nitrogen absorption is more efficient
  • Grain is shiny and the amount of harvest increases
  • Plants are stronger and hold down

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Product application information: 


Target Disease/Pest


How to apply

 Leaf Blasts

1st application - 750 ml/ha (30 - 35 DAS)

2nd application - 1000 ml/ha (45 - 50 DAS)

High volume spraying during booting stage (40-45 days after transplanting) and flowering (60-65 days after planting ).

Use a maximum of 2 times in one season with a minimum interval of 10 days.

If needed, complete with other products with different active ingredients.