Signum® WG

SIGNUM® WG is a type of fungicide that contains 2 active ingredients. Pyraclostrobin is from the 'methoxycarbamate' group and Boscalid is from the 'pyridinecarboxamide' group with the action of inhibiting spore proliferation, mycelial growth and fungal sporulation on the leaf surface.

Registered Crop: Tomato

Signum® WG



  • Combine 2 active ingredients: 25.5% Boscalid and 12.8% Pyraclostrobin.
  • Broad spectrum, excellent on Botrytis, Sclerotinia, Rhizoctonia,  Alternaria.
  • Highly rainfastness protection achieved between 1 - 3 hours of application.
  • Systemic, translaminar and acropetally. 
  • Crop safe, no phytotoxicity on crops.
  • Improve crop quality and increase commercial fruit yield  

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Product application information: 

Mixing Guide:

  • It is recommended to use a 'CKS' sprayer with a 'solid cone' nozzle. Fill the tank half full with clean water. Mix SIGNUM ™ WG adequately according to the recommendations set out in the measuring table and mix with one liter of clean water in different containers and stir until completely dissolved. Next pour the mixture into the sprayer tank and add the remaining clean water required and stir. Do not use at a higher rate than recommended. Do not store the remaining SIGNUM ™ WG mixture in the sprayer tank.

Spraying Guide:

  • Spray when signs of illness begin to appear. For good control, spray thoroughly onto the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. Repeat spray every 7 days only when necessary. Do not use more than 3 sprays per season. If treatment needs to be repeated, use SIGNUM ™ WG alternately with fungicides from different groups that have different modes of action.
Target Disease/Pest Pesticide Rate per 10L Water Pesticide Rate per hectare Spray Volume per hectare Maximum number of sprays
Kulapuk Downy (Pseudoperononspora cubensis)
Reput Lapuk Kelabu (Botrytis cinerea)
8g 800g 1000 Litre 3 times per season

Do not harvest tomato crop at least 3 days before last spray.

Prohibited Period of Re -entering the Treatment Area (REI): 24 hours